Current Sermon Series

Message from Pastor Weaver

Atherton, September is Vision month. I declare we can have victory through living out God’s vision for our church. I hope you are enjoying the current series being preached “Vision in Action!”
As I preach on our Vision Statement, “Re-establishing a Standard of Excellence in God’s Church through Education, Renovation, Rejuvenation, and Evangelization” I hope you will continue or renew your commitment to be a strong supporter of the vision of the Atherton Church.
People of God, it is essential in this day and age that we have a clear vision of what we are attempting to accomplish. As the world is moving further and further away from God, it calls us the church to have a clear vision and plan to pursue the lost, share the gospel, encourage the faint hearted, comfort the grieving, visit the sick, teach the Word of God, and facilitate learning and love on all levels to everyone.