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Message from Pastor Weaver

As you look ahead to 2021 and you desire to set some goals, what will you choose to do to breathe new life into your life? What will you focus your attention too? How will you choose to invigorate and improve your life’s journey? Let me challenge you to think about what you choose and as you choose challenge yourself to make SMART GOALS. Here is an acrostic that can serve as a guide for making GOALS that are SMART:
  • Specific: Make goals that count. Be SPECIFIC.
  • Measurable: Make Goals that are measurable. You need to know if you’re winning or not.
  • Attainable: Ask yourself are your goals reasonable?
  • Relevant: Is your goals relevant towards your purpose in life.
  • Time-Sensitive: Set target dates to create a sense of urgency. Set some deadlines.
Finally, as you consider all these things start with prayer and ask God to lead you into a season of life that will glorify Him in all that you attempt to accomplish. Blessings, and know I’m praying for your growth and success.
Because He lives,
Pastor Larry D. Weaver

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