2019-2020 ABC Scholarship Information

Atherton Baptist Church recognizes and supports its K-12 and College students through scholarships and educational events.

Scholarship Application Process

Step 1: Complete the Scholarship Application for each participating student.

Must be submitted by/before January 24, 2020:

Step 2: Submit Essay Question Response:

[High School Seniors & Continuing College Students ONLY; Must be completed by/before March 20, 2020; NO EXCEPTIONS]

👩🏾‍🎓👨🏾‍🎓 High School Seniors:
Think about your interests, talents, and church or community activities. How have they contributed to your development as a believer in Jesus Christ? Share an experience or describe who most influenced your relationship with Christ, and why.


🏫🎓 Continuing College Students:
There are so many pressures to accept everyone and everything; however, God called us as Christians to be different. How does your attitude and actions demonstrate that you are set apart? Are your interactions with your peers and the world around you pleasing to God?

Writing Task: Applicants must complete the appropriate essay listed above; the response must be TYPED, DOUBLE-SPACED, and a MINIMUM OF TWO (2) PAGES, with examples cited. The writing will be evaluated on how well the applicant: 1) creates a thesis and develops the topic, and 2) uses details and examples to support a position and ideas. All essays must be submitted via either EMAIL (to abcscholarshipministry@gmail.com) or PRINTED SUBMISSION to the ABC Scholarship Ministry by March 20, 2020; please make sure to check for a reply noting the essay was received.

Step 3: Submit 1st Semester Grade Reports (ALL STUDENTS) by/before March 20, 2020; Submit Letter of Recommendation (High School Seniors ONLY)

Step 4: Submit 2nd Semester Grade Reports (ALL STUDENTS) by/before July 15, 2020

Step 5: Celebrate with us!…

Sign up for ABC Scholarship Sunday / Parent Tea (Sunday, July 26, 2020)!

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