2018-2019 Scholarship Information

Atherton Baptist Church recognizes and supports its K-12 and College students through scholarships and educational events.

Scholarship Application Process:

Step 1: Complete the Scholarship Application for each participating student.

Must be submitted by/before January 23, 2019:


Step 2: Submit Essay Question Response: [High School Seniors & Continuing College Students ONLY; Must be completed by/before March 20, 2019; NO EXCEPTIONS]

High School Seniors: Describe a time in your life when you were troubled/afraid, and how God listened and helped you persevere through your situation.


Continuing College Students: At times, God allows us to go through hardships so that we can show faith through perseverance. Evaluate a significant experience you have persevered through and how God has groomed you into a better student, person, and servant.

Writing Task: Applicants must complete the appropriate essay listed above; the response must be TYPED, DOUBLE-SPACED, and a MINIMUM OF TWO (2) PAGES, with examples cited. The writing will be evaluated on how well the applicant: 1) creates a thesis and develops the topic, and 2) uses details and examples to support a position and ideas. All essays must be submitted via either EMAIL (to abcscholarshipministry@gmail.com) or PRINTED SUBMISSION to the ABC Scholarship Ministry by March 20, 2019; please make sure to check for a reply noting the essay was received.

Step 3: Submit 1st Semester Grade Reports (ALL STUDENTS) by/before March 20, 2019; Submit Letter of Recommendation (High School Seniors ONLY)

Step 4: Submit 2nd Semester Grade Reports (AL

L STUDENTS) by/before July 15, 2019

Step 5: Celebrate with us!… Sign up for ABC Scholarship Sunday / Parent Tea!