Meet The Pastor

Pastor Larry D. Weaver is the Sr. Pastor of the Atherton Baptist Church in the city of Hawthorne, California where he has served since 2001. He is a native Californian growing up in the city of Oakland, California. He is married to Patricia Weaver and they have five adult children.
Pastor Weaver has actively served in different capacities of ministry since 1982. They include Minister of Counseling, Minister of Visitation, Associate Minister, Deacon, Teacher, Conference Speaker, and a number of other positions.
Since becoming the Sr. Pastor of Atherton the church has experienced tremendous growth receiving over 1,800 new members and going from one morning service to two. He has also lead Atherton to successfully start many new classes, ministries, outreach ministries, training programs, conferences and Bible Studies. In addition to this he has lead Atherton to do major renovation to the Church, Christian Education Building, Fellowship Hall, Media Room, Resource Center, Church Offices, Daycare, and the Church property in general. Also in 2008 Atherton burned the deed on their current property and since has acquired two additional pieces of property .
Pastor Larry Weaver provides sermon in front of congregationPastor Weaver’s love is preaching, teaching, witnessing, and training. He especially loves to teach Leadership, Men, Marriage, and Family Conferences.
Pastor Weaver is a graduate of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.
Pastor Weaver’s goals in ministry are to win the lost for Christ by Teaching, Preaching, and Living the Word of God. He believes it is necessary to help people move into a balanced relationship with God by teaching them, loving them, modeling for them, and addressing the needs of the whole person. Finally, his desire is to influence, impact, confront and challenge people to the point, that they become changed for Christ, and it is demonstrated in their life.

A Message from Pastor Weaver…

As you look ahead to 2021 and you desire to set some goals, what will you choose to do to breathe new life into your life? What will you focus your attention too? How will you choose to invigorate and improve your life’s journey? Let me challenge you to think about what you choose and as you choose challenge yourself to make SMART GOALS. Here is an acrostic that can serve as a guide for making GOALS that are SMART:
  • Specific:
    Make goals that count. Be SPECIFIC.
  • Measurable:
    Make Goals that are measurable. You need to know if you’re winning or not.
  • Attainable:
    Ask yourself are your goals reasonable?
  • Relevant:
    Is your goals relevant towards your purpose in life.
  • Time-Sensitive:
    Set target dates to create a sense of urgency. Set some deadlines.
Finally, as you consider all these things start with prayer and ask God to lead you into a season of life that will glorify Him in all that you attempt to accomplish. Blessings, and know I’m praying for your growth and success.
Because He lives,
Pastor Larry D. Weaver