Directory • 323-757-3113

Name Department Extension
Pastor Larry D. Weaver Pastor/Teacher 6405
Dana McKinley Pastor’s Administrative Assistant 6421
Kenny Stewart Facilities 6407
Kimberly Greene Finance Office 6422
Darrell Williams Chairman – Trustee Ministry —110
Rodney Potts Minister of Music 6408
Angela Dooley-Zahran Director – ABC Preschool 6414
Amrys Magee Media Ministry 6404
Tracy Thomas Women’s Ministry —202
Minister Immanuel Fears Youth Pastor – The Loft 6407
Minister Deborah Rawlins Christian Education 6410
Jovetta Sconiers New Beginning Ministry 6413
Melyn Mays Nursery Church Ministry —305
Minister La Shonda Johnson Children’s Church Ministry 6412
Louida Shaw Senior Ministry —310
Minister George Williams Outreach Ministry —312
Pauline Flanagan Computer Lab Ministry —315
Deacon Kenny Yelverton Men of Atherton Choir —317
Kimberly Johnson Thomas, Sherry Cox Scholarship Ministry —318