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Family Life Sunday School •
Book of Galatians
9:45am – 11am 👉🏽 839 8961 9171 George & Marilyn Williams; Maria Willams; Eugene Jeffries; Bryenda Hall
Books of the Bible 10am – 11am 👉🏽 863 0284 7627 Johnita Barnett, Tracy Thomas
Discovering Church Membership (Adult) 10am – 10:45am 👉🏽 813 9352 0983 Deacon Sigmund Thomas, Min. Deborah Rawlins
Life Issues  10:15am – 11am 👉🏽 851 5869 7468 Marsha Hurt, Rose Brock
Examining the Scriptures 10:30am – 11:30am 👉🏽 811 5838 9715 Terri Nelson, Deacon Kenny Yelverton
Discovering Church Membership (Youth) 11am – 12 noon 👉🏽 851 2073 4137 Deaconess Robin Hines
ABC Nursery Church 11am – 12noon —————-► Sis. Melyn Mays
ABC Children’s Church 12noon – 1pm 👉🏽 851 2625 7355 Min. LaShonda Johnson


Real Talk 101 • 1st Samuel 7pm 👉🏽 869 6969 7679 Darlene Brown, Adrian Brown


Tuesday Evening Prayer Line 7pm 👉🏽867 3453 7739
(520) 420-9022 or (209) 399-9070
Juliet Powis, Bryenda Hall,
Pastor Frantwan LeBlanc
Tuesday Evening Bible Study •
The Book of James
7pm 👉🏽 825 6916 0827 Bonnie Mims-Greene


Noon Day Bible Study •
The Book of Hebrews
12noon – 2pm 👉🏽 892 4923 3980 Jacqueline Simpson,
Valerie Travis
Pastor Weaver’s Bible Study •
The Book of 1st Corinthians
7pm 👉🏽 129 482 742
Facebook Live
Pastor Larry Weaver


Women’s Bible Study •
The Book of Philippians
7pm 👉🏽 842 5918 0341
Facebook Live
Sis. Patricia Weaver

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Using ZOOM for Live Sessions

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✅ For everyone’s online safety, safeguards have been put in place to protect privacy and prevent hacking. Be aware that no login is needed to access ZOOM, so no one should ask you for any login information. (Let us know if you have any questions/concerns… Email:
✅ All attendees are muted by default during the session. (If you unmute your mic, please be aware of potentially distracting noises and background conversations going on around you.)
✅ Feel free to use these Zoom features:
  • PARTICIPANTS panel to see “who’s on[line] the pew with you”
  • CHAT panel to say hello to other ABC family, ask questions, see/share Bible notes, etc.
  • REACTIONS panel to use fun emojis, or Raise Hand to ask a question in be “moved to the front of the line”
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 Some Best Practices While Zooming…

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  • look into the camera when talking (instead of looking at yourself);
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  • place your device on a stable surface (table, tripod, etc.) so the rest of us don’t get dizzy!

Need Help Getting Started with ZOOM?

Do I need to have a Zoom account to participate? What if I don’t have a web cam or microphone?
Not at all! If you have a computer, you can simply click the Zoom link and “Join from your browser” without needing to log in. You will need speakers/headphone in order to hear the lesson, but you don’t have to be on camera or speak if you don’t want to.
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